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November 18, 2014

Everyone Enjoys A Good Cigar

Men and women alike visit humidors and love to relax with a nice cigar. Well, some do but not me. But I needed an intro! Love this months Cigar Box kit from Alpha Stamps!

I created both a masculine and a feminie mini cigar box using the new masonite Tiny Cigar Box. It was actually easy to personalize and get creative with.

Inside you will find some "cigar themed" ATCs using these richly colored and beautifully designed images from both the old and the new collage sheets at Alpha Stamps

For the inside of both boxes, I used distress paints, liquid pearls, alcohol inks and metal patinas to create a marble type look. These items can all be found under the "Paints, Pens, Colorants" section at Alpha Stamps. I have a bit of a tutorial on how I did it below. 

The masculine box has some cool vintage finds on it like the topper wooden cog and a Journalism medal from long ago. I made the bottom by attaching two oil lids together. 

For the "feminine" box I used lots of frilly lace and roses. 

Originally, I had started to use the mini cigar box model from the collage sheet Las Rosas Mini Cigar Boxes Collage Sheet. But I also knew I was using the masonite Tiny Cigar Box so I decided to cover the boxes myself with these new Cigar Box Secrets Line of papers. I love the colors and how the designs all go so well with one another. 

I used my previously cut out cigar box model and after tracing and cutting, scored the paper to make it easier to fold around the masonite box. 

I added distress paints, liquid pearls, alcohol inks and metal patinas as the beginning of my marbled effect.

I then dragged a toothpick through the inks to blend it along some and make it look more natural.

I heated all of the colors together with a heat gun. I literally cooked it until it bubbled, cracked and popped. Then it was time to put my box all together. 

As you can see above, I placed the box so that the leveled edges would be on the top. Next, I glued the paper to the box. 

I always smear the glue smooth with a finger so that the paper adheres more smoothy and doesn't contain lumps.

As you may notice, all of my paper edges throughout all of my work is "aged" with brown ink. I don't like my papers to have a white edge. They don't look as vintage then which is what I am all about. 

Before I attached my ribbon, I used the Cigar Box Secrets Mini Clear Stamp Set to add some extra richness with the Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint in Metallic Gold and Old Brass.

I really enjoyed this project and hope that it has been pleasing to your eye. Hopefully I have inspired you to try something new and get creative. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon! xoxo

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November 2, 2014

Fabulous French Finds

After all of the years I have spent finding vintage french treasures, I still don't have enough. Aren't these fabulous! They are medical/nursing glass flasks. I love the shape and imperfections in the glass. I have them in my art studio window so I can see the sky behind them, no matter what kind of day. Have you found any good treasures lately?

October 28, 2014

Art for Halloween.... My Favorite

My favorite swap theme for art work is without a doubt

Below are my Halloween tags for the AMAZING Character Construction Tag Swap! Be careful, she does bite!

Here is an ATC swap with the facebook group The Enchanted Imaginarium. I really LOVE this group and have already made some dear friends!

And for the Sweet and Sinister Swap, some frightfully fun and tasty treats! I love creating altered cigar boxes of any kind, so this was the perfect chance to get my "fix" in along with some shopping. Not that I would purchase things for myself when searching for swap goodies. Never!

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! BOO

October 10, 2014

What's that peaking in my window?

I don't like open curtains at night when I'm on the first floor. It creeps me out! You never know when you might see some wicked goblins looking in thinking who knows what! Do they want candy, do they want to eat my hedgehog, children or me? 

That's right, this months theme for the Alpha Stamps kit of creativity is "Goblins". Be afarid, be VERY afraid!

This is one of my favorite creating months and I love the wicked designs that Alpha Stamps carries in the form of card stock, clear sticker sheet, transparancy and my favorite digital downloads because I can do so much more over and over again. Be sure to check out the Halloween section because they have every theme you can imagine and then some by creative artists like Teri Calia of Catnip Designs, Laura Caron of Artfully Musing and SO many more! 

Now go grab your own goblin kit, and shut your curtains for goodness sake! 

September 25, 2014

Traveling Long Ago

I so enjoy doing these Character Construction tag swaps with Cathy Arnold. Recently we did a Travel themed tag swap and I love how mine turned out. It's probably because it let my creative side combine with one of my favorite treasures.

A couple of years ago I found this wonderful travel journal from 1920. It belonged to a girl named Elizabeth Jackson and within its covers she shared her voyage on the S.S. Saint Paul. I used her as my inspiration for my tag and even made her a little suitcase from an old wallet I had.

The back of my tag contains a copy of one of the many pages of "Funnels & House Flags of Principal Atlantic Lines". What a different time that was. I think of what they wore and the way life was at that time. She traveled all around France, Italy, Switzerland and more. The journal contained letters, notes, information about being on a ship like ship signals, sea depths, sound signals and even how to play Shuffleboard. She also had a large map of the world which was very interesting because countries and places have changed since her time.

The really cool thing is that before I found this travel journal, I had found another one of her journals from 1923. It had her address written inside and I was actually able to pull up her address on Google maps and see the house she lived in. It contained bits of this and that, little notes, cards and even a letter from the Dean of her college.

One of my favorite treasure finds is that of something that was once treasured by someone else, long ago, and tells a small story about them. Their perception and way of life and how different things were fasinate me. Thank you Elizabeth for letting your journals end up in my hands and for sharing your life with me. I will treasure them always and hope that you are at Peace.

Be sure to visit the Character Construction Tag Swap board on Pinterest!!

September 14, 2014

Cirque at Night

Have you ever wondered what happens under the Big Top, after the show is over and the guests are gone? Surely all of those performers kick back and have some fun, right? Well here's a little book that tells the story, of what happens to the Cirque at Night. Illustrated by Catherine Moore and her beautiful stamps from the Cirque Collection at Character Constructions.

After the tickets have been torn, the popcorn and cotton candy eaten, the elephants sway, and the performers amaze, is it time for all to lay their heads down under the beautiful moon? Of course not! It is time for the "Star Dust Ball" to begin. And what a beautiful sight and marvelous time it is!

The ringmaster grabs his girl, and the dancing begins under the stars. Others dance or join together to try new tricks and relax with a show performed just for the "family" that is able to call the Big Top home, no matter where it stands.

And what is that we see by the beauty who juggles the stars themselves? More performers, ready to relax and put a smile on their own Big Top familie's faces. Fun for all till the moon says goodnight and the sun rises again.

The sheer polka dot fabric was one of my Grandmother's scarfs. I decided to use some of them to become something new and beautiful, instead of sitting in a box for no one to see. And it is from this same side of my family that my relation to the North family comes, as in John Ringling North. Seems fitting to my personality that I am related to someone involved with a circus. Don't you think, lol?

Dedicated to my Grand-ma Betty who I miss so very much and all of my North Family. God bless and RIP in that Big Top in the sky!